"GlitchPokemon doesn't exist anymore, You're out of your hope."

-President Sunflower AKA TheSuperKoopaBros11 AKA TheGreenHillZone117 AKA Drybones9219 AKA TheNameSomething101 AKA Lord Sir Guilmon Digital Monster XIXVI AKA Greatferaligatr551 AKA Sonic The Hedgehog (Roleplay Account) AKA TheUniversalMawile AKA GlitchPokemon AKA GodStalksYou AKA Kirlia the Pokémon AKA BlackAgumon5 AKA TheUnknownPony2014 AKA TwilightSparkle24010 AKA RandomName40209 AKA TheHelioptile2014 AKA GrandCroconaw66 AKA Gangster Totodile

"which do you change more often your underwear or your username?"


  1. I admit that Me Hating Club Penguin isn't going to get Club Penguin fan's attention but I'm sorry about that hatred of club penguin, Do you think i'm a bad user for most times...?
  2. If Descendants Party is Medieval Party, then it would have a Treehouse or whatever it's called, Le Knight's quests, and soooo on. but would Computers, Mobile phones, so on exist in medieval period?
  3. I have a theory that Merry Walrus is Actually Tusk in his Santa Claus Costume. How will Sensei know about that Merry Walrus is actually Tusk in his Santa Claus Costume?!
  4. if i wrote creepypasta about humans being in club penguin, then Humans would get penguins captured.
  5. it appears that Nobody noticed the "coffee" word... did they listen to the suggestion?
  6. please no. it's not coming out in 2015. it's in 2016. if it does come out in 2016, then it would be similar to Toontown closing date.
  7. I wish... we should back in time and erase Herbert P. Bear from the existence.
  8. General, pls... he is Watatsuki, i don't know if you could trust me anymore.
  9. Only if you could make someone a Admin, Chat moderator, so on.
  10. Sorry if you hate them that judges you because of your name. I guess you should call me... um.. IDK
  11. "Hate" is a strong word, BTW... Can you forgot this thread existed. that's what "Remove" or Close this thread is for.
  12. It looks more cute before they changed the penguin design.
  13. Did Wikia gets derped out?
  14. and, Club Penguin have turned down to declined?!
  15. O_O where did it goes from Popular to Downfall?
  16. Strikes don't work on this chat? k then
  17. Dude, It's CALLED PRIVATE message not public message if it was, then it would be recorded in CPChatbot logs
  18. Wow. That's too many numbers up @Timber
  19. Herbert P. Bear better come to life in the future party 2015....
  20. i really can't live like this anymore because this chat used to be nice and friendly but not anymore... and You're going to get reported.
  21. I Live in an alternate universe where time machines do exist in earth
  22. I'm 1,0000,0000 year old than a rock.
  23. you said you'd bake us a cake... RPING IS BANNED IN THIS CHAT!
  24. So, in an hypothetical scenario where Dinosaurs never really died out and Dinosaurs would always live in Jungles, Forests, and other things
  25. I live in an Alternate Universe where Dinosaurs never died out. What about you guys?
  26. Here in my world, I play club penguin with my Prehistoric Computer
  27. I have Windowsaurus Rex 10. You play Club Penguin With a ICaveman
  28. First, Disney ruined Club Penguin now They're ruining...Shrek
  29. and, I Think Roleplaying is banned due to old roleplaying rule does come back
  30. so, Watatsuki is a japanese immigration
  31. this is why you could be demoted if you think that link is inapp
  32. Do I Look like i'm playing sonic 2006?
  33. Wata, this is you when you chasing your own fantasy: (lol)
  34. by the fantasy, I mean Chat mods, Admins, Bureaucrat (lol)
  35. doesn't CPPerapin say Private messages could be turned off?
  36. Why do you link this picture when you're a admin
  37. wow, i thought windows 10 can't do Blue screen of death
  38. Nintendo are like "Hey, kids! let's replace pikachu with generation III pokemon as their mascot!". and Hoenn fans would say "Yay!" but yeah no. the mascots has to be Generation I Pokemon
  39. if club penguin characters are pokemon. penguins would just all be Prinplups, Tusk, Merry Walrus would be Walrein, Herbert P. Bear would be Beartic. Klutzy would be Krabby.
  40. I'm 1,000,0000,0000,000 year old
  41. Dude, I was Joking about me being a Anthropomorphic Talking Dinosaur
  42. Do Dragons and Dinosaurs go to war? because dragons could won the battle!" is just my lamest joke
  43. How can someone make a virus if there is so hard to make one
  44. so i'm only obsessed with pokemons, digimons, and things what MiraiKuriyamaFan240 likes
  45. It's a g-rated swear. -.-
  46. if it was south park, then You're pretty much obsessed with Swear words
  47. WTH Is stands for What the heck
  48. Do Club Penguin moderators exist in south park universe?
  49. and, I'm one of those people who are annoyed of copying So, it can be considered spamming
  50. You're like "Hey, Look! We can copy other people's saying!" yeah. you aren't funny.
  51. Pokemon.... is.... Rated M For Money Due to Team Rocket's killing of Cubone's mother, some banned episodes in Anime verse, so on.
  52. I can't say something embarrassing for some reason @Other Jenna
  53. Is Mario a swear word?
  54. He stung me in my butt ;(
  55. I Would link a Real life Cpperapin but i don't want what he look like in Real life
  56. I Was joking about me being allowed to speak foreign language @watatsuki
  57. can we sell Wikia? no. we could waste our money? no. you're not wikia staff
  58. this comment requires Wikia Gold Membership
  59. How can wikia get sold if it wasn't exist anymore
  60. what if i told ya that disney will bought club penguin wiki?
  61. Kyfur and CPPERAPIN are once famous but they are blocked due to it being sockpuppet @Oldcp
  62. and, what happens if a Non-members protested in club penguin game?
  63. I called CPPerapin by CPScorpion @Phineas99cp
  64. an Scorpion would've stung me, ouch!
  65. What's wrong with Miron's insult word?
  66. SammyClassicSonicFan don't know me. I haven't famous
  67. uh, who i could pm someone if callum left the chat
  68. What does Heart emoticon mean? I'm just asking you guys
  69. uh. did club penguin decides to keep getting opened?
  70. Toontown fans are making club penguin even worse... they rushed their parties
  71. Hmm, if SEGA Saturn got sucessful in 1990s, and SEGA cancelled the 3sx in 1990s, Then 2000s would be different in some way
  72. Where is Wikiafrog? I have to ask him if there is a alternate reality in PM
  73. Watatsuki, stop with those pointless "Glitch, Pls!"
  74. Custard, can you please show me the full pic in PM (referring to a censored semi-naked female)
  75. Lennies and other things don't count as understaff
  77. MLP and FNAF shared the controversy? do you think about it?
  78. Dinosaurs are SUPERIOR #TheDinosaursAreGo
  79. I Told you... it's 2006 for damn last time! @custard
  80. For the independence!
  81. Normal Users are better than Chat mods, admins, Bureaucrats. this is not a drill
  82. Normal users will create more 1000+ socks to confuse chat mods, admins, and bureaucrats
  83. it's just a wikia prediction don't worry
  84. Watatsuki, stop being a Technicolor Penguin
  85. Why do i even bother a talking technicolor penguin that can talk to me
  86. Says the technicolor penguin that use anime girl as your avatar
  87. Hey Kids! I'm <insert name here>'s Best Friends, I'm sure i love club penguin, MLP, Digimon, so on... alot but they prevent me from liking them. Plays is short for Playstation234
  88. ... Why would toontown fan hate club penguin if they misblamed club penguin for closing down toontown, did they realize that they don't have enough money
  89. well, what if i told you guys that Watatsuki is just a Non-CP Chat Mascot :O
  90. The Person Below me thinks Watatsuki is Donkey Kong's best friends
  91. I don't think i could be watatsuki's good husband, but...
  92. Holy crap, the dinosaurs talked in this trailer
  93. Watatsuki, WE KNOW ITS FOR PLEASE
  94. well, Japan could really need a Club Penguin headquarter similar to the one found in UK, Canada
  95. I know a IP Change should be patched by now
  96. I Mean it, I'm being like nonsense users i mean in that way
  97. watatsuki being a admin is like me becoming a wikia staff
  98. wot is nothing but a meme
  99. a meme-filled wiki? No, nothing is ok
  100. - (Username), whatever year is useless
  101. no wonder people liked to copy my statement for nothing
  102. It used to be a watatsuki-less wiki until watatsuki came along and he becomes a chat mod, then a admin
    so, now it turned into a watatsuki wiki
  103. I'm sitting here why watatsuki is an admin :/
  104. I dropped you into the pit... I'm the mario...
  105. I'm gonna burn the rp rule down 6_6
  106. I Live in an pokemon planet where Pokemon live alongside me and I lived in pallet town.. that's what i revealed my fake personal info (lenny) JK. JK
  107. Custard, you couldn't go WTH if i wasn't wearing this profile picture >:(
  108. Watatsuki, You aren't pls me
  109. I'm here to defend myself and my grammar
  110. I APOLOGIZE FOR THE VIOLENT LINK if it wasn't for me linking the violent stuff
  111. The world is crazy without me
  112. they need me
    I don't want to be banned or blocked >:(
  113. it's their PROBLEM not mine
  114. how the heck are the mods make it better?
  115. wait, there is a video named "Club Penguin is bad for young kids" which it had fox news in it
  116. Has Club Penguin community actually quitting because of MLP Party?
  117. 2013 design of penguins? where do they come from?
  118. can you pls add obamacare as an profanity to Filter list @Hey.youcp
  119. and, Saraapril is the one who ACTUALLY OPPOSED to Violent things. I really don't believe in Violence because violence isn't the answer. and yet i played super smash bros 4 on 3ds. am i hypocrite for that matter?
  120. Am I only the one who think Saraapril could be in super smash bros.
  121. she will have useless move set much like a fighter that i can't remember
  122. I've lived in an alternate universe where Ember is an admin and Watatsuki is just a normal user
  123. some answers are "Yes" but other answer said "No"
  124. That's enough with your Potty mouth. YOU NEED TO THINK OF YOUR Parents...
  125. Uh, hey... I'm gonna pay money to someone else
  126. a spaghetti and a spaghetti dinosaur (Trollface)
  127. and yet people likes a kids game about penguins? why can't they just play call of duty, battlefield, and GTA, and so on because most people think it is just a boring game.
  128. do you think who would win in a fight between club penguin and My Little Pony? @Jeserator
  129. Well, CPPERAPIN Thinks banging your head on the wall emote is inapp but do you think this is inapp? Is (wall) an inapp emote?
  130. well... wikiafrog created club penguin, while i created both pokemon and digimon, an person who is evil Creator created MLP FiM? who created doctor who?
  131. well, that's correct. Rsnail not wikiafrog created club penguin, the creator of Pokemon #is Nintendo and Game Freak created pokemon. as Bandai created Digimon not me. Lauren Faust created MLP FiM. BBC Created Doctor Who
  132. I'm the creator of Digimon? am i right?
  133. I am the creator of Digimon. WikiaFrog is the creator of club penguin. what things you create?
  134. And, the real creator of pokemon is... Ember!
  135. so, what if ember is really Satoshi Tajiri in disguise (paranoid)
  136. and, are you the creator of the muppets @Jeserator
  137. How will pokemon be created biologically in the future where it can be from DNA in 2020s or 2030s i mean
  138. explain how pokemon can be created in the future when scientist gives their dna to those amazing creatures in either 2020s or 2030s
  139. OH MY GOSH. watatsuki. i hate to say it to you but... you are the PERAPIN OR ROGER of this generation. I'm the LJK194 of this generation, who is the V-Rex of This Generation?
  140. Uh, is cyberbullying allowed?
  141. I Had no idea what are you doing
  142. My opinion on pokemon? well It was pretty cool but their current season look good, the unova one is terrible as a bad egg
  143. Who's here a mlp hater? say me
    don't let someone who is a MLP Fan know about this
  144. also, is it weird for girls to wear mustache
  145. so, if Rookie is actually smart, then he would make the world explode their head
  146. club penguin is set in same universe as Real world, My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, Marvel, and DC, Pokemon, Digimon, and Toontown, and the list goes on and on... we got an version of Tommy Westphall
  147. Dude, please! i'm autism because my typing issues are not that matter
  148. I don't wanna see him teaming up with Bowser and Eggman because he's a villain character.
  149. Of course... i'm the blatant liar, what do you expect me to do play pokemon? Club Penguin wiki thinks i'm the blatant liar. And, Then i'm not very good at saying blatant lies
  150. I Really don't care if club penguin got closed down, Then club penguin wiki will be an archived wiki... and there is NO SUCH THING as Club Penguin rewritten because there are already club penguin private servers here out
  151. As Nintendo has become the sega of 2015 now. but don't get me wrong
  152. And, Everyone is AFK and logging off everytime i talk off-topic It's annoying
  153. BUT SERIOUSLY?! Everyone has went the AFK AND LOGGING OFF ROUTE Instead of allowing to continue to talk with me
  154. I hate it when you had to log off and went afk instead of talking with me
  155. taters gonna tat
  156. This is a private message so no one will think it is awkward conversation
  157. but let me straight... Club Penguin Wiki is over-hated by so many people
  158. Exactly, [damn] is not even a cuss word anymore but if you're in 90s, then it is.
  159. before you start an argument, you must wear an helmet and shield and the list goes on to protect yourself with anti-flame war outfit.
  160. How do i insult an brony without getting noticed by a brony
  161. every time i mention "watatsuki" in my ear... He's getting in my mind
  162. I hanging out with Shrek now He's so cool
  163. I wasn't trying to scare you... but I make friends with Sonic And His Friends @Jenna
  164. Can you please cool your copying skill down :) because i don't want anyone to copy me
  165. why does this wiki change their "Wiki" logo to match French flag?
  166. Club Penguin is basically Animal Jam (Gameplay-wise) meets... um Yoshi's Island Except with penguins instead of Yoshi
  167. i'm here to say "X Meets Y" Trope: Alternatively, Club Penguin is described as a "any penguin games meets Yoshi's Island except with penguins instead"
  168. Hmm, I Have a idea for a hypothetical game that is more described as a "Club Penguin Meets Super Mario Bros. if it was rated M for Money"
  169. It'd be more nice if you don't call me glitch I may ask you to stop calling me glitch every time
  170. If Rocketsnail games had existed in 1990s era, then can you imagine what Experimental Penguins would be on SEGA Genesis instead of internet...
  171. Err, i'm not sure if Cartoon network could be treated as a separated channel instead of programming block with adult swim in it. so No one will complain anymore about Adult Swim!
  172. I want to see adult swim be expanded into a channel with even adult programs which it is for Watershed because kids are sleeping so adults will watch it in no time...
  173. Adult Swim needs to be a separated channel as the parents continues to complain against adult swim because they don't want kids to watch it
  174. So, Adult Swim would be filled with much less seth macfarlane shows and less adult swim programs, more anime stuff so it will be renamed "Anime Swim"
    Fine. there you go
    You're breaking my rules! I Own this wiki now
  176. Do you know why thatyoshi8 is so obsessed with calling admins and closing down my blogs @Apj26
  177. and, a Dinosaurs-Monkeys went to war because monkeys are smarter than a dinosaur
  178. well, dinosaurs first "discovered" the united states while they are in dinosaurs era but does that count?
  179. APJ, w-w-who is this Memmon you speak of?
  180. I want to imagine what it would looked like in PS2, Xbox, GameCube but except for Xbox... PS2 and Gamecube lacked internet
  181. so, what do life on Mars look like?
  182. But if Watatsuki actually blocks every normal users, Watatsuki blocks other admins, he gets promoted to Bureaucrat, finally, He would be promoted to Wikia Staff...
  183. um, he would invade every wikis and shut down anything that are not Touhou-related, well, except Club Penguin Wiki and Touhou Wiki, and He would think Club Penguin wiki is Touhou Wiki #2
  184. Super Smash Bros. vs. Playstation all-stars battle royale?
  185. stop it. it's just a trap. some users tried that one, it will close the window.
  186. Touhou is the japanese equivalent of MLP FiM
  187. I...
  188. wow. preps had to buy club penguin's membership so this blog would be pointless then.
  189. Sorry, if you don't understand it, then i have autism, that's why you don't understand this blog.
  190. no wonder how watatsuki's mind is so filled with Touhou stuff... what? I'm speaking my opinion
  191. Er, why isn't Trainers fight against pokemon by themselves?!
  192. You sound like someone would have misspelling the pls
  193. Do I Look like i Care?
  194. i would use swear words but... this wiki don't allow me to swear here
  195. Quotes? how should you like quotes? Nope. I don't allow that.
  196. Touhou... and Loafer at same time? Impossible.
  197. and, the chance of me being a chat moderator is like putting Ice Cream on a Sandwich
  198. could club penguin change their name to "Club Human" if penguins become more human and less looking like penguins?
  199. OMG Super Miron is trying to get chunky's attention
  200. Please keep Hatred off the rainbow. -.- It's a Children Show for Darn last time
  201. K???? Do you mean OK?! I Corrected it to be OK
  202. when was the last time that someone raided this wiki with Foul-Mouthed Users @Apj
  203. if i am god... then i would be older than a Car and Dinosaur. but now i'm not god
  204. in my fact, God is supposed to be older than Dinosaurs and Tardigrades/water bears.
  205. why would you don't know about Rio if you never seen the movie?
  206. how WOULD you like it if I hate your favorite JAPANESE game: Touhou
  207. is Club Penguin an fad?
  208. where did i come from? the future. you're all the penguins from the present. (lenny)
  209. I'm swimming in the money
  210. According to the Disney employee, Club Penguin will introduce a new character, my uncle told me
  211. It's Mr. Krabs, the new character in club penguin, the cousin of Klutzy
  212. I know this isn't Reddit but...
  213. What if Mr. Krabs was in club penguin?
  214. I Just got a weird dream where I asked Professor Oak if he know what a Mega Evolution is, he almost answered me but it is interrupted by pikachu dressing as applejack and Twilight Sparkle dressing as a ponified ash ketchum, pikachu just got argument with Twilight Sparkle, so Twilight Sparkle kicked Pikachu into a fake scenery. everybody just got laughed even Professor oak except me, it's not funny for me
  215. If Billybob is Billy mays in disguise, then how can he play club penguin?
  216. What if MLP Was always intended for Little Girls instead of grown men?
  217. it would like Take Two with Phineas and Ferb & Space Ghost Coast to Coast if Squidward does get his own show
  218. so, what if it's just a ded regular poisonous spider and you eat it?
  219. So, what if Watatsuki is Secretly working for dark side and He teamed up with Other Touhou fans to take over the internet (Paranoid) even Wikia?! and Touhou cannot be destroyed even if someone hate
  220. I know there are Too Many Squidwards in this chat but... I and Billy are only regular pony user... on this wiki. ARE YOU A SQUIDWARD?!
  221. Yesman says... YES to Genwunners (the whining fandom of pokemon)
  222. (Music) Jingle Bells. Apj smells. Wata laid an egg. Apj's mom got away. (Music)
  223. I mean, You're a admin and your job is to answer Ember's questions
  224. So, MLP is not a little girl's favorite anymore because it featured cartoon violence that make E/I look pointless
  225. How to fix Pokemon: Just get rid of Ash Ketchum and his annoying Yellow Rat and replace it with new Protagonist. >:D
  226. i'd like to tell you in main chat but i can't. can i pm you for this truth?
  227. The Person below makes Apj think Watatsuki is a Traitor to Club Penguin wiki. (troll) . so trolololo
  228. You Think yourself is a Sock of 123kitten1?! (Illuminati) Confirmed @Watatsuki
  229. I Really began to not trust anyone who comes from another wiki
  230. Jon, do you wish you like girls?
  231. Watatsukis are the new puffles now? k then
  232. I am Dinosaur/Pony then. We're cool @Billy
  233. Watatsuki is friend with me?! BAN BLOCK KICK PUNCH SLAP DEMOTE time
  234. if Wikipedia is a MMORPG, then Wikia is a MMO Game then
  235. I wish I knew digimon fans in this wiki but... instead, i've got a wrong user.
  236. ... you are earning a (Facepalm) moment from me @watatsuki
  237. says the touhou fan who loves Touhou too much, Touhou may be real dangerous but kids will not like this stuff. @watatsuki
  238. so, if I am non-member, then i tried to be friend with a member, but a member will go "No, You're not member, so get out, Non-Members".
  239. Apj misses his dog. He misses his family... so he ran away to Other wikis... until he found club penguin wiki
  240. APJ ate his cake and his cake, Apj got fat, then Apj went to school, kids laughed at him. so, he got dunce hat.
  241. (Olaf) be like: "what the hell, club penguin wiki users?"
  242. "Online Daters" are the noobs because club penguin is not a dating site
  243. Do they mention Mr and Mrs Cadence as Cadence's Parents? I Mean, Parents are the hypothetical characters that nobody in club penguin team can answer.
  244. Madbootdude? No, i'm a Mr. Dino Boot
  245. Humans could be dinosaurs in disguise but idk
  246. I do not like Anime fandom because of a Pokemon vs. Digimon, Star Wars fandom But the movies are ok, Percy Jackson fandom are annoying as a pokemon fandom
  247. Apj Please promote me to Bureaucrat.
  248. Apj, can you please troll Watatsuki by saying that Touhou is anime (yao)
  249. Club Penguin acting to be funny... Penguins are learning how to fly and invade everywhere including Japan and now Penguins can be found in Southern United States, they're trying to start an Antarctican States of America against United States.
  250. And, Wikiafrog. this is serious. you sound like the only prankster on Wikia Network!
  251. Hey, You interrupted my trolling part. so don't bud into my trolling job
  252. AHHH! the Virus just appeared on Wikia... What did you do?! It has RED Background on it!
  253. PLS HELP ME! We're infected by a virus now. Club Penguin wiki spreads viruses to Other wikis?! I mean really, Wikia is turning into a Virus site. AHHH!
  254. Watatsu- i mean that Touhou gal is the one who responsible for creating a computer virus that is spread across wikia network?! now, the entire Wikia Network needs Apj's help
  255. #StopWatatsukisvirusfromspreadingintootherwikisacrossthewikianetwork
  256. How is that a spam? That is long twitter tag not a spam
  257. Are you really good at kicking right? @BillyTheminion
  258. How will People lose their penguins that are saved on flash version if they do moved to Project Super Secret? @Apj
  259. Then i would call everyone an (insert insult word here)
  260. Kirby, sotp
  261. Don't make me wanna push you out. >:( @Kirby
  262. reporting me doesn't do anything
  263. woah, woah, woah. i bet no one cares about kicking anymore
  264. Do I look like a stupid person to you, Billy? NO!
  265. Do you realize that i have autism, that's why i don't make sense at all
  266. Watatsuki will be the villain in Club Penguin game (it would be funny but it don't happen considering Touhou is a copyrighted thing ever).
  267. if Spongebob is on Cartoon network how do you answer it?
  268. Now, i'm being kicked by watatsuki himself... AHHH!
  269. only if the female us president is elected... United States will be saved again
  270. Uh... I am wearing dunce hat O_o
  271. Will squidward's house get its own spin-off show?
  272. oh please. I'm the real creator of Club Penguin but billybob and rsnail stole the idea from me. who is the real co-creator of club penguin then?
  273. if there is a hypothetical member item called Wikiafrog's Story, how would you like that idea?
  274. here is the hypothetical question: if YOU were the creator of club penguin, then what would YOU do?
  275. Callum, my eye is thinking you have toy story avatar lol @Callum
  276. Hey.youcp, are you confused or something? are you insane?!
  277. Watatsuki, you're acting strangely, are you even a stranger to penguins anymore?
  278. so, the (loafer) is the new (Troll) Emote
  279. Apj Do you agree that (Loafer) is the new (Troll) Emote?
  280. um, if Caillou was in BET and TruTV...?
  281. I Really don't trust advertising, just because they are annoying
  282. a Touhou character is likely cause of herbert p. bear and klutzy's creation
  283. Where can i contact SandorL for Jesus's sake
  284. If it's a legal one like your CPPS, then i can make one, but if it's illegal like CPPS.ME, then i would get in trouble... but now, Can you please teach me how to make an CPPS without getting caught by Disney lawyers...?
  285. and, Your CPPS is cool but good as my hypothetical CPPS With custom mascots, Custom Interface, etc.
  286. Watatsuki, Nice meme
    but i don't like you
  287. if you revert it, then it would automatically be biggest mistake ever for a admin..
  288. I need to save my own Kids for the future. so not now
  289. who's a undertale fan here? I'm too ashamed to be part of them because... Undertale fandom is same as MLP Fandom. lol?
  290. I am starting to think Watatsuki's avatar is from South park
  291. is Watatsuki prank calling me?! But that's not trolling, i'm sure of it
  292. So, Watatsuki... You are a feamle
  293. Apj X Watatsuki... sitting in the tree...
  294. Wow, watatsuki comes from the future...
  295. He's a evil robot in disguise because he almost got demoted but people liked him, so He brainwashes people into keeping him as a admin
  296. Few admins are penguins but most admins are robots. Users are both penguins and robots This is THE FUTURE!
  297. It would be nice if that shack is filled with creepy things...
  298. That's like saying watatsuki is a girl that wants to live, so yeah...i have no idea what you're talking about.
  299. I'm not fixing Antarctica Flag article, are you lazy enough?
  300. How to tell a wata and a admin
    How to tell a difference between Watat and a admin *
  301. It's hilarious that he's scared of me
  302. That's right. I And Watatsuki are Rivals, right??
  303. Touhou means some bad words in my language
  304. Who in the heck is Watatsuki? Is he in super smash bros
  305. If there is a Super Smash Bros 5, then what do you would main?
  306. wait, what the, Nintendo Direct is trolling me back
  307. we're having a chat moderator party?
  308. uh? are you someone who play club penguin?
  309. because, "oh" is meant to get correct answer
  310. Not a big fan of touhou, but what is your avatar from?
  311. yeh
    yeah *
  312. So, is it me or everyone went to school?
  313. I'm practicing to become better grammar person
  314. stickman has made every biggest mistakes he make ever
  315. I am infected with a bad grammar disease that is previously from yesterday...
  316. I feel like some club penguin private servers could be rated M for Mature. i want to keep club penguin's rating E For Everyone if i'm moderator of that game
  317. do you know there is so much pokemons?
  318. Why do you tell hey you cp to ban the star wars
  319. Hey.youcp can we please ban Touhou talk, Watatsuki is driving me crazy (loaffff)
  320. Touhou is banned in America and other countries except for Japan due to Watatsuki's thinking about touhou thing
  321. now, Touhou is part of Banned Video Game List, sorry to disappoint you, watatsuki
  322. Apj thoughts on Bronies?
  323. They would ask "why are you my friend" But i have no idea what they are supposed to mean
  324. if i troll everyone, then it would be the waste of time
  325. Watatsuki, you are not Polo Field
  326. so, stop acting like you're the club penguin staff... @Watatsuki
  327. lol, a touhou fan came after i asking the question if i could be allowed to talk off-topic
    Excuse me for caps
  329. I Say sentence about something but log off
  330. Merry Wata, can you please provide me new files?
  331. So, knights have to fight the dinosaurs since slaying the beast would make club penguin rated M
  332. Have you ever wondered why Polo Field is not in this chat or wiki anymore?
  333. um, according to the checkuser thing, mironbot is it's own account... and Miron has socks: Kirby and CPlover
  334. Billy, are you trying to be funny
  335. in a fake spoiler: Star wars will feature porygon and jose
  336. nickelodeon is cancelled due to Touhou-related cartoon which featured seizures
  337. I'm no comedian because my humors are terrible
  338. I corrected your "pls"
  339. I'm gonna throw my head up >:(
  340. Watatsuki smells good
  341. how do i buy a gun in club penguin?
  342. Let's bring violent, real guns to club penguin island so it will be rated M for Mature 17+ O_o
  343. it appeared that Club Penguin hates membership apparently
  344. Maybe they are on naughty side in santa's list so yeah
  345. yoshi and timber haven't been on this chat since they last logged on this chat
  346. Disney logic: let's close down Toontown Online because we don't make profit but then club penguin made their profit, let's not close down club penguin,!
  347. I don't deserve the awards because they don't know who i am
  348. does anyone know what "watatsuki" username means?
  349. it really means... a swear word in my language known as Antarctic language...
  350. Jon, i uncovered the truth of a admin with rude username in my language.
  351. "Watatsuki" means a swear word in Antarctic Language @Jon and Apj
  352. it's like sitting down you can't stop roleplaying from being banned...
  353. because Dinosaurs adopted the flag as their country flag, duh @Apj
  354. Loafer is anime?
  355. What's the point of anti-bronies when there are little kids who likes MLP in Youtube, they could not swear in youtube when there are Little Kids
  356. Watatsuki, (loafer) , (lenny) + Toontown online + Shrek = Shrek mmo with lennies and loafers and Touhou?
  357. Elmo is a liar
  358. Many Cartoons or real life or Youtube commentary or others can call each other "idiots" but none of them are Kicked or banned or demoted
  359. What do CPPerapin say in Community central chat? hmm, i will have to find out if he does actually say. Uh, He does say nothing.
  360. my dream is to live underwater in the ocean but the problem is, the scary monsters would stalk me
  361. Uhh... if whitetronpuffle HATES Takeovers then who will hate takeovers
  362. congrats, you prematurely identity this message as a roleplay (Facepalm)
  363. hey, I invented the ban system first in BC 1,000,000,00 years... I am the creator...
  364. Apj, I am the god who created you now
  365. Loafers and lennies are not meant to be trusted
  366. Watatsuki, can Touhou fad fade into non-existent?
  367. Dinosaurs needs to sprung up again
  368. You're putting Loafer in my ear.
  369. If Touhou isn't an anime, then why do girls have blue hairs, art style?
  370. Let me explain.... Touhou is still an anime because they have japanese art style and Japanese language
  371. Then why do you block Callum's PM @Callum
  372. Grow up, Glitch nicknamers
  373. It's illogical to Read my PM
  374. UGH! Touhou girls is unethical to anime girls and they're discriminating other anime girls
  375. What humans does they know about Toys coming to the life?
  376. Youtube is a sockpuppet of Wikipedia who is a sockpuppet of Wikia O_o